Carbon Taxi

Terms & Conditions


1) The Carbon Taxi is available on a first come first serve basis. No reservations are accepted.

2) The Carbon Taxi can transport up to four passengers per trip. If there are additional passengers beyond four passengers, then more then 1 trip will be required.

3) Children 8 years of age, or younger are required by Pennsylvania state law to have an approved child seat for transportation. If you do not have a child seat for any child 8 years of age, or younger, then we can not transport you via the Taxi.

4) Credit Cards are accepted at an additional rate of 4% of the taxi fare. All credit cards must be pre approved before any trip occurs, and the passengers name must appear on the credit card, and be checked with an approved photo ID such as a drivers license, passport, military, or state ID. An Imprint of the card will also be taken. If the passenger has no photo ID, then the passenger has the option of going to the nearest ATM for cash to cover the taxi fare, or the trip will be terminated.

5) No smoking ( Pipe, Cigar, Cigarette ) of any kind is permitted in the Carbon Taxi. Chewing, Smokeless, and Spitless smokeless tobacco products are also prohibited. Smoking cessitation, and tobacco cessitation products such as Nicotine lozenges, Nicotine Gum, the patch, and the E-cigarette are permitted.

6) The passenger is responsible for all toll charges, and parking fees associated with pick up, and delivery to destination. Pannsengers who cancel Taxi after car is dispacheched is subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee if multiple cancelations occur. Car will not be dipactached for future trips until all cancelation fees have been paid.

7) Operation of the Carbon Taxi is suspended during major snowfall, ice storms, and mechanical failures, and we are not responsible for any damage, or loss that may incur as a result of shutdown, or breakdown.

8) Carbon Taxi's rates are $5.00 for pick up, and $2.80 per mile. Carbon Taxi charges an additional $ 2.00 for any ride between 10 PM & 6 AM. Carbon Taxi further charges an additional $2.00 dollars on any Federal Government Holiday. Taxi fares are payable by Credit Card, and Cash only.

9) Illegal activity of any kind is prohibited by any passenger of the Carbon Taxi.

10) The passenger is responsible for any damage they inflict upon the vehicle.

11) Any items left in the Carbon Taxi will be delivered for the cost of the fare for our driver to transport it your item back to you, or you may pick up your item at our office location.

12) Any horseplay type activity inferring with the driver is prohibited, and such activity shall result in the trip being terminated.