903 Rentals Inc.
Limo Division
Terms & Conditions

1. Customer hereby verifies that the pickup date, pickup time, number of people, type of
vehicle requested and billing information are correctly stated within this Contract.

2. 903 Rentals Inc. (hereinafter, "903") will, without any additional charge,
wait up to 15 minutes grace period at vehicle rate plus gratuity, regardless of the reason for
any delay.

3. Customer shall be liable for all damages directly or indirectly caused to the vehicle by
Customer or any of its passengers.

4. Customer shall directly pay the driver for the cost of all airport parking expenses and tolls.

5. 903 reserves the right, without any liability or set-off to the amounts due 903 to discharge
any passenger(s) who interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle, engages in any illegal
conduct or activity, or otherwise violates the terms of this Contract.

6. 903 shall not be liable for any damages arising out of 903's inability to perform due to
inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions, or any unforeseen
events beyond the reasonable control of 903 or its subcontractors.

7. 903 shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of its breach
of this Contract, and in all cases the maximum liability to 903 in the event of its breach shall
be limited to the total Contract price as contemplated by this Contract.

8. 903 shall not be the bailee of any items left in the vehicle, and shall not be responsible for
the safe-keeping of such items.

9. Customer hereby authorizes 903 to charge any unpaid charges to the above credit card
account. Personal checks not accepted on the date of pickup.

10. Customer shall be responsible for all reasonable costs of collection and attorneys fees
incurred by 903 in the event of any Customer breach of this Contract.

Cancellation policy (24 hours prior to pick up) may be changed during special events, holidays or by our affiliate's cancelation policy requirements. A No Show charge (full charge) will be applied if the Customer or its passengers fail to call our Dispatch/Reservations office before the cancelation period.
Booking Deposits are nonrefundable.

Thank you